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Jamie Nelson

Ki-Hara Resistance Stretching Specialist

StretchBall Certified

Pilates Certified

(Long Beach Dance Conditioning)

Reiki Certified

Pre/Post Natal Certified

Professional Stretcher

I teach the Ki-Hara Method of Resistance Stretching which does NOT believe in relaxing while you stretch. After over a decade of teaching pilates, and seeing how profoundly it could help people, I started to wonder about the outliers. Why does pilates help 80% of my clients with their pain, BUT NOT THE OTHER 20%? What about them? These are the people doctors tell to stretch and it does not work. Why?


Enter: The Motor Control Center...

I learned the signals between the brain and muscles were like a radio station getting a little fuzz in the radio signal. The Ki-Hara Method taught me the formula to go in, clean up the signals, and invite the brain to reprogram the preset radio buttons.

On a private level, this formula takes a 1.5 hour session and can be a little pricey for some folks to afford, but once the signal is cleared up, it will likely STAY! The hope is, after a few privates, the client would be able to move on to group options and self stretching. Please join us to meet the more flexible you!

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