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Going Mobile AND New Village Space

I am going mobile AND back to Riviera Village at the same time. After much consideration, I have decided that my current & future clients will need a private stretching space where they can "walk off the stretch drunk" a little before getting in their cars. Walking is the superfood of excercise and I really feel that clients get more bang for their buck if they walk around the village, or over to the ocean after their session. We will be stretching at the Chiropractic offices of Dr. Mark Vinick. 1860 S. Elena Ave, Suite A, Redondo Beach, CA 90277.

Since I specialize in retirees, post surgical and new mommies, I will be seeing SouthBay clients in the privacy of their homes and offices. There is no added travel fee if you book "2 hours - We come to you" and are in the SouthBay. Travel fees will only apply once I cross the 10, 405 or 110 freeways. If you need me to physically pry you off the computer, you WILL be subjected to floaty calming music.

I have added a "4 Weeks To Flexibility Package" to my website for anyone interested in a Ki-Hara binge month. It includes 6 (2 Hour) sessions to be used inside a 4 week period. The package is $900, which is already a $60 savings. Once I throw in personalized self-stretch videos sent right to your phone or email every week, it becomes a spectacular value! The idea is FULL support of a month of flexibility training. The media has us convinced that we have to hit the gym for months to create change... I beg to differ. See what can change in a month!

I am learning more and more everyday about true core activation and stability. It turns out, the brain can be used to do a lot of the heavy lifting. I am excited to be heading off to Tucson this weekend for more training with the Resistance Stretching folks, soon to be followed by another Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization training workshop. I can't wait to share everything I learn with you all, whether in your hood, or mine!

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