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What's the best way to help Plantar Fasciitis?

I can only speak for my experience with my Pilates and Ki-Hara clients for the last 13 years, but here are my general tips for Plantar Fasciitis. The causes vary, and I can design an in-depth formula for complex cases. Generally speaking, though, I have found Plantar Fasciitis and other foot problems often occur because of weakness of the muscles. If you have tight feet or calves, you most likely have atrophied muscles that can be reawakened, that is actually good news for getting out of pain! There is A LOT going on in the feet, so see a doctor to see if you have a rip/tear or bone spur, but if the doctor tells you to stretch or strengthen, it is better to follow a special formula to bring them back to life.

First, get a foot/calf/shin/hip massage (or Acupuncture). You CAN roll your feet on a tennis ball if you really can't get bodywork, but I usually step on the TOPS of the feet and smoosh all the tissues up the shins, so it is better to have someone rub them if possible.

Second, do the exercises "HULA FEET" and "RESISTED CLAMS" for strength training (taught in my StretchBall Group Class). Then add the figure four resisted hip sequence, in a sitting position (the same one we do in group reformer). Proceed to the groin self resistance stretch and then lay back on the floor for laying figure four (taught in a private or self stretch workshop). There is also a pilates foot sweep sequence in short foot that is a great home excercise, and I can teach all of the above in a private format for those who cannot make it to every class. We can even set your phone to record clips of the session to use as a guide at home.

Repeat often, ESPECIALLY first thing in the morning. If you cannot massage before the foot and hip stretches, try rubbing magnesium gel into the areas instead. Both the tissue massage AND magnesium gel, then strength and active stretch would be the IDEAL. Hydrate thoroughly, BEFORE, DURING AND AFTER.

If this all seems hard to figure out, IT ABSOLUTELY IS. Plantar Fasciitis is a reoccurring thing that is hard to fully resolve for a lot of people. You can also have Jamie mash, strengthen and active stretch you with the calfboard (DCT PROFLEX). The clippers get to use it, why shouldn't we? Request a "Plantar Fasciitis Problem Solving Session." I have been working on my formula for 13 years, and listen to a lot of body nerd stuff. For example...

This is a link for someone I follow on You Tube, Dr. Emily Splichal of the Evidence Based Fitness Academy. She is a great podiatrist and has A LOT of super great info online FOR FREE so you can get started right away. Cut through the clutter on the net, go straight to her. She is also a part of a great podcast called The Council on Human Function (bodyworkers of ALL modalities from around the world get one "issue to weigh in" on per episode.) Please check out her (and The Council's) pletheora of excellent, free online information. Have a pain free day!

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