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Level 2 - What's new?

I just returned from Ki-Hara Level 2 Training in Tucson, AZ and my body feels fantastic! Not only do my muscles feel good, but sleeping feels really comfortable. What is the difference between level 1 and level 2? I am glad you asked... ROTATION. Level 1 is the main year long certification, but there are 4 more weekend levels you can take just to freshen up your moves. When rotation is added to the level 1 protocol, it becomes gloriously twisty. Think how if you had a wet washcloth, pulling on it like a rope would get some water out, but a wringing , twisting pull gets A LOT MORE WATER OUT. Sounds yummy, doesn't it? It absolutely is... but come hydrated!!!

Another thing new about level 2 is Glute Extravaganza and FreeStyle Arms. These are 4-5 min blocks of continuous resisting and active lengthening that work through as many degree options as possible. The resistance is lighter so we can go longer between resting, and for people who have trouble getting their muscles to fire, it is a nice option that feels more yummy than agressive.

I feel so fortunate to have been blessed with the gift of being taught by Susan Bianchi, Ki-Hara Master Trainer. Her energy and humor were only topped by her ability to demonstrate and "practice what she preaches" through moving in a gloriously easygoing manner; even when resisting guys 3 times her mass.

Susan teaching table work arm rotations.

Clarifying Arm Rotations

More clarification on arm rotations.

Jamie observing lots of arm rotating... did I mention all the rotations?

We also learned hip rotations like "put the pizza in the oven," but I am just going to let you wonder about that one! Come on in and try out the new moves... Remember, we are now back in Riviera Village at the office of Dr. Mark Vinick.

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